Finding Suitable Topics for Geography Research Paper

It can be difficult to recognize a particular area of research when you have to deal with the subject like geography due to vastness of this field of study. The main issue is to know the geography topics to explore unless you have details of a previous assignment or instructions from an instructor. The geography research paper topics you choose should be exciting and relevant to you. The geographic field of research can be divided into three main divisions – physical, human and environmental geography.

Thrilling topics for a research paper of geography

If the project in your mind is based on empirical or scientific research then you should choose geography research topic from physical geography. However, human geography can be your field of research if you are influenced by sociology and psychological fields of study a they will be based on theoretical and qualitative fields of study. Similarly the research paper topics from environmental geography may include human geography and physical geography and will tackle the issues related to human interaction with environment as it can be explored from different angles. The research topic of environmental geography can also be linked to the concerns of the society like overpopulation, consumption resources and demographic problems like coastal erosion etc. Along with Qualitative and quantitative approach the topics of environmental geography can also adopt theoretical or empirical approach to complete its research, depending upon type of the topic.

Which geography research paper topics can provide your assignment a sound base?

Some of the great topics for geographic research may include:

Geography paper topics on Human geography

If you are more interested in humanistic aspects of geography then you should first of all clearly define the main points included in the human geography. The subcategories of human geography should be related to day today lifestyle as it has to deal with different aspects of human life. Economics, culture, politics and health are some of the main aspects of human life that are to be researched in human geography. But most important from them is cultural viewpoint as it affects the entire socio-economic status of the society. Some of the topics on human geography can be:

  • Scythians’ settlement movements.
  • How diseases of South Africa spread.
  • The growth of the Indian population and how it affects the environment

Various topics of cultural geography

Main concern of cultural geography is about the ways of interaction of humans and their lifestyle at different places regarding certain cultural elements. You can start the term paper of your research on any of these elements. You can use them to think about the ideas for topics related to them. In this way, you can get some interesting topics for your geography research paper.

In human geography, gender plays a great role in every investigation as it deals with the reactions of a particular society on a particular issue and the significance of the functions of a woman and man. When you choose a topic for geographic research from this field then you can highlight the differences in matriarchal and patriarchal societies with regards to time and space as well as the impact of certain space related factors on their role in the society.

Some interesting on cultural geography can be:

Geography research topics on physical geography

The research topics in physical geography are more scientific than other categories. The students of this field will have to adopt more quantitative approach of study as they have to examine certain elements of the surface of the earth. As per definition physical geography is related to the physical processes, structures, changes and patterns occurring throughout the earth as they are related to human and their functional abilities.

Topic examples

Some of the topics on physical geography may include:

  • Composition and structure of the atmosphere in industrial cities
  • Asian countries’ adaptation to the rainy seasons
  • How volcanoes affect the climate of neighboring settlements


In this way, any student can easily select topics for geographical research paper from any of the categories discussed above. They can start investigations after choosing a research topic backed by good reason and evidences. This type of research can be great for the students in empirical studies as they can get information without measuring the things in-person and examining samples.